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The Outer Ring Road Project(ORR) is large scale, circular Road under construction around the City of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. This Road is being constructed in order to reduce travel times between the suburbs of Greater Hyderabad. In the past decade due to the construction boom and urbanisation in India, Hyderabad's suburbs have undergone a population boom. This coupled with the increase in vehicular traffic has placed great stress on the roads of Hyderabad leading to frequent traffic jams and increased pollution. In order to alleviate the hardship caused upon the people, there have been several studies conducted and the Outer Ring Road was one of the proposals.

The Government of AP under the stewardship of Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy proposed the orbital linkage to decongest the traffic flow on the existing major arterials. The Outer Ring Road should be viewed as road -cum- area development project since the aim is the development of well planned and well connected Urban settlements around the Hyderabad Metropolitan area. The 159 km long ring road connects Patancheru- Shamshabad- Hayathnagar- Medchal Patancheru providing connectivity to various State Highway and National Highways, to by pass the city of Hyderabad.

Importance of proposed corridor

* Relieves congestion on metropolitan area and inner ring road and meets the future demand.
* Provides orbital linkage to radial arterial roads
* Creates options for development of the further satellite townships
* Provides linkage to the proposed MRTS and Bus system
* Provides quick access to the International Airport from Strategic parts of the city
* Connects various new urban nodes outside the city like Hi- Tech city , Games village, lIlT, ISB, Hardware Park, Singapore Township Financial district etc.,

The traffic studies conducted on NH-7 and NH-9 show that the road is due for 4/6 lane. The traffic movement on the existing inner ring road shows that the existing 4- lane road is inadequate for the movement of the traffic at the design level of serviceability.

Considering the anticipated growth in the region and development of the proposed satellite townships around the ring road and beyond, and the traffic thereby generated, an 8-lane divided carriage way is planned for a design life of 20 years.

The conclusion to develop a highway with full control of access warrants providing highway grade separations or interchanges for all intersecting highways. Once it has been decided to develop the route as an expressway all intersecting highways should be terminated, rerouted or provided with a grade separation. The proposed corridor is designed to be fully access controlled and limited access is to be provided at NH/SHI Major road crossings. 2-lane service roads designed to carry two way traffic, are proposed on both sides of the corridor. Low level underpasses are to be provided for connecting both the service roads at every 12 km, where the terrain permits.

The project is proposed to be implemented in 2 phases and is estimated to cost Rs 3000 Crores.

* Construction of 22 km of Phase-I from Gachibouli In to Shamshabad NH 7 In. (Rs 500 Crores).
* Construction of 140 km of Phase-II (Rs 2500 Crores).

Land Acquisition

The Land required for the ORR is proposed to be taken up in two Phases. Phase I is the 22 km Stretch between Gachibouli Junction and the Shamshabad NH7 Junction at Tondupally. The total land required is 750-00 Ac., out of which the private land is 500 Ac. And the remaining stretch is the Phase II, which covers the remaining 137 km. The land required for Phase II is about 5500 Ac., out of which the Govt. land is about 1000 Ac. 7 SDCs are inducted in the Project for the entire Land Acquisition. The Status of Land Acquisition for ORR is given below.

Phase I

The Phase I was completed in 14 Nov. 2008.The total Private land required for it was 500 Ac. It was acquired by four SDCs. The Estimated Cost of Acquisition was Rs. 32.55 Cr. out of which the Cost of Land was Rs. 26.55 Cr. and the cost of Structures was Rs. 6.00 Cr. Except at Junctions

The Junction Areas are demarcated and Surveyed. The areas include Shamshabad Jn.(already notified under Urgency clause), Gachibouli In., Nanakramguda In., & APPA Jn.

Phase II The total Private land required for Phase II is 4500 Ac. The Estimated Cost of Acquisition is Rs. 250 Cr. Entire Extent is at Draft Notification Stage. The Phase II Consultants, the Aarvi Associates, the Engineering and the Revenue Units are jointly surveying the Phase II Alignment. By 15 January, 2006, the Central line of the Alignment will be fixed. By 15th Feb, 2006, the ROW Pillars will be erected. By 15 April,2006, the Land acquisition was expected to be completed.

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